Workshop on getting to grips with the intangibles of Higher Education – 22nd Nov 2pm.

Much of what we measure in education as KPIs is extremely useful in steering strategy around recruitment or employability as well as measuring success in education, however it is well recognised that KPIs do not measure all the qualities we use to make such measurements.  These intangibles have been the subject of a current QAA Enhancement Theme collaborative cluster called Beyond the Metrics: The intangibles.  (

Dr Alastair Robertson (Dir Teaching and Learning at Abertay) has developed resources to help evidence some of the more intangible aspects of the student experience.  At this workshop Alastair will guide us through a method we can utilise to help identify and understand the intangibles in our areas of influence.  He will provide a background perspective of the concept and work he has done so far, as well as taking us through a number of group-worked examples.

More information about the workshop and how to book a place can be found here.