What is SALTI?

What is SALTI?

SALTI is a community of people who are interested in researching crosscutting questions in pedagogy. SALTI is linked to the Proctor’s Office and works synergistically with the Proctor’s strategies as well as having internally driven priorities.

SALTI has a remit to facilitate and encourage pedagogical research and its dissemination through promoting meetings, grant opportunities and sharing resources.  The launch of SALTI was on the 11th October 2018 and was celebrated by inviting Prof. Dilly Fung from LSE along with Dr Monique MacKenzie and Dr Emma Bond to talk to us about the Connected Curriculum and how we are implementing it in our Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Studies (GSIS).

What does SALTI aim to do?

Pedagogical research is in many ways still underrepresented within the University of St Andrews as a recognised scholarly pursuit.  SALTI’s role is to enthuse and facilitate a broader body of academics within the University, to enhance scholarly output in this rapidly growing discipline; and to capacity build the next generation of pedagogically focussed researchers.  SALTI will also facilitate and promote development of a community of scholarship and research with in the University, and advocate centrally on opportunities for research in this field.

SALTI provides a platform for existing research groups both to disseminate their work across Faculties and to interact with members of other groups.  Individuals can also align themselves with one or more of the themed groups within SALTI which aim to ask cross cutting research questions about pedagogy, assessment and curriculum structure.  This themed structure allows staff to identify their interests to a wider audience and allows interested staff to be able to contact likeminded people easily.

SALTI will wherever possible make talks and educational resources available to staff.  These will be published with the owner’s permission on the SALTI website along with other resources such as grant opportunities and upcoming conference or meeting opportunities.