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A connected Curriculum for Higher Education.  Prof. Dilly Fung

Introducing a Connected Curriculum – by Prof. Dilly Fung.

My work on Connected Curriculum offers a practical set of steps for changing the ways in which we design and enhance university curricula. Drawing on philosophical roots, my newly published open access book, A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education, proposes a fresh way of framing what we do. At its core, it emphasises the need for students to learn through research and critical enquiry, engaging actively with complex global challenges, but the framing introduces six key dimensions to support this goal. The book incorporates a series of vignettes of practice from institutions around the world, which illustrate a range of ways in which the underpinning principles can be put into practice.


Developing the Higher Curriculum (2017) by Prof. Dilly Fung

A complementary volume to Dilly Fung’s A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education (2017), this book explores ‘research-based education’ as applied in practice within the higher education sector. A collection of 15 chapters followed by illustrative vignettes, it showcases approaches to engaging students actively with research and enquiry across disciplines. It begins with one institution’s creative approach to research-based education – UCL’s Connected Curriculum, a conceptual framework for integrating research-based education into all taught programmes of study – and branches out to show how aspects of the framework can apply to practice across a variety of institutions in a range of national settings.



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  • St Andrews Pedagogical Research Conference (July 2018)

    • Presentation PowerPoints:

01 Charles Baily- Development and use of conceptual assessments for transforming student learning

02 Eoin Jordan – Online peer assessment ot promote student engagement

03 Harris-Birtil – Literature as Alternative Facts

04 Jasmin Hinds – Teachig DEvelopment Funds – A look at dissemination

05 Elizabeth Shively – JournalKeeping to enhance student engagement in learning

06 Rayna Rogowsky – Perceptions of health care needs and services at University

07 Edward Fletcher  – The Hidden Curriculum: Enterprise at the University of St Andrews

08 Paula Miles – Inverstigatinf staff and student understanding of Good Academic Practice


  • SALTI Launch October 2018


    • Introduction to SALTI – Dr Jon Issberner

SALTI Introduction talk Oct 2018 Dr Jon Issberner

    • The connected curriculum – Prof. Dilly Fung

A Connected Curriculum Prof. Dilly Fung

    • Connected Curriculum at the St Andrews GSIS – Dr Monique MacKenzie & Dr Emma Bond

Connected Curriculum at St Andrews

The Connected Curriculum and GSIS