Webinar/Workshop Recordings

Recordings of webinars and workshops held at St Andrews will be posted here after the event.

Introduction to design thinking and implications for curriculum design

Curriculum innovation often poses a number of challenges. Often, the changes applied give participating faculty a sense of déjà vu or of re-inventing the wheel. Additionally, the evaluation of the efficacy of the initiatives is often difficult to confirm in the short- or long-term. Design thinking is a systematic method to creatively solve complex problems by putting users at the center of the design process. It has great potential to integrate user feedback into the curriculum development process to better ensure changes are serving the needs of students and faculty. The method focuses on empathizing, defining a problem based on user needs, generating multiple solutions, and then, rapidly prototyping and iterating the potential solutions. This creates space for incremental changes or wild disruptions of the curriculum because rapid prototyping creates low-fi, low-time investment experiences for users to interact with. In this workshop, we will complete a design sprint to get a hands-on introduction to design thinking and discuss the potential applications for curriculum development.