How is SALTI structured?

The director of SALTI is Dr Jon Issberner.

He is advised by a steering group which consists of the research themes group leads, the Proctor and the two Co-Directors of CHER.

Membership of SALTI.

Currently all academic or professional service staff with an interest in pedagogical research can be Associate Members of SALTI and we will shortly be sending everyone a brief questionnaire with the option to join us.  Membership is free of charge, and brings with it a number of benefits including access to competitive internally managed grant funding calls for pedagogical and higher education projects, which can be made flexible in duration to cover the needs of the project.

Research Themes Groups.

At the start of SALTI we consulted attendees at a St Andrew pedagogical conference to help determine how SALTI might be structured.  In response to the feedback we received we created an initial set of three themed groups within which members can meet, discuss and present their research, and form collaborations.  No member is bound to any one theme and it is envisioned that people will want to be part of several themes.  If your area of research is not represented and you would like to start a theme, please write to and let us know so we can help.

Currently we have themes supporting work related to; assessment, curriculum structure and technology enhanced learning.

Assessment, led by
Dr Mike Oram (mwo@)
Curriculum structure, led by Dr Paula Miles (pjm11@) and
Dr Jennifer Taylorson (jt52@)
Technology Enhanced Learning, led by
Margaret Adamson (mhma@)