Who are we?

What is the structure of SALTI?

The strategic leads for SALTI are the Director (Dr Jon Issberner) and Deputy Director (Prof. Ruth Woodfield).  They are advised by a steering group which will consist of the research themes group leads, and by the Proctors Office (Proctor, Deans of Science and Arts & the Head of Teaching Quality and Policy) .


Currently all academic or professional service staff with an interest in pedagogical research can be Associate Members of SALTI.

Research Themes Groups

There are currently three research themes within SALTI.

Assessment, led by
Dr Mike Oram
Curriculum structure, led by Dr Jon Issberner
(pro tem)
Technology Enhanced Learning, led by
Margaret Adamson
mwo@ jpi@ mhma@

This list does not represent the full range of interests of SALTI, and naturally will expand with time.  If you are interested in joining any of these theme groups, please contact either Jon Issberner (jpi@) or the theme lead directly.  If you are interested in discussing the possibility of a new theme, please contact Jon Issberner.